Sorry it’s been a few years, I was busy taking life too seriously

Yeah, it’s been 3 years since I’ve been on here. Here’s a recap:

  • Finished law school
  • Passed Ohio bar exam
  • Opened a law firm
  • Got married
  • Had a kid
  • Dissolved my law firm
  • Became part owner (sort of) of a renaissance festival booth
  • Got a job at another law firm
  • Lost my job at the other law firm
  • Passed Kentucky bar
  • Realized I have no time for a renaissance festival booth
  • Euthanized my 18 year old cat
  • Opened another law firm
  • Totalled my car, bought another
  • Sold my condo
  • Bought a house
  • Lost my 15 year old cat
  • 5 days later my dog died
  • Apparently my house is smart now.
  • Took myself way too seriously
  • Forgot how to be funny
  • Realized all that stuff I just listed is just stuff I did, not who I am.
  • Resolved to look for the humor in my life again.

That pretty much brings you up to speed. Glad to be back.



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4 responses to “Sorry it’s been a few years, I was busy taking life too seriously

  1. I have to say that is far more than what I’ve done in that time. Worked the same job. Did the same hobbies. Tried learning Japanese twice. Had the same roommate. One of my cats died. Only in two months my roommate and I are parting ways. I need to downsize a lot. Like maybe even 70% of my stuff. I’m looking at a place today only a mile from work. I could walk to work, get healthy again, start dating again. Maybe try to lean Japanese again. Gotta do something to shake things up.

    • We did the opposite and upgraded to accommodate my husband’s hoarding. He says “collecting”. Potayto potahto. We went from 1500 sq ft to 3200 square feet plus a 2 car garage, 1/2 unfinished basement, and shed. We filled it. We can’t even get our cars in the garage because it’s still full of boxes. Nothing wrong with maintaining the status quo though. I long for boredom.

  2. Linda Roy

    First of all, I’m sorry about your cats and dog. 😦 Welcome back to blogging. I’ve been away for a year and I’m cautiously thinking about getting back into it. The three people who noticed I’ve been away might be mildly interested about it. 😉

    • I was surprised how many people followed and enjoyed my blog. I’m sure you probably have more people missing your blog than you realize.

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