starting over

In a moment of temporary insanity, and it does only take one, I got pregnant.  No, I’m not talking about when I got pregnant with my daughter in high school, though the sentiment is true enough, I’m talking about April 6, 2013.  There are 19 years between my daughter and me.  There will be 20 between her and her sibling.

I’ve known since early May but we’ve been keeping it under wraps.  I’m still a bit shocked in all honesty.  Still, Andy’s going to be a great dad and I’m really excited to give him the opportunity.

My life is a hectic mess right now though.  I’m working 7 days a week while trying to land a steady gig with some growth opportunity before I start really showing.  I’m exhausted. My house is a mess. I don’t fit into any of my clothes, and I’m stressed about finding a bigger place as this one already seems too crowded.

So that’s where I’ve been and why I haven’t been posting.  2013 has had me reeling.  But rest assured, this won’t turn into a baby blog.  I’m going to start a new blog for that. This one will remain me ocassionally finding time in my crazy schedule to share some weird, crazy, funny thing that happened on the way to _____.

For now though, the wee baby Seamus and I are going to bed.   Good night everybody.


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