Just thinking about kitties

I have 2 cats aged 13 and 17 and 2 cats are really all a person needs, particularly when said person also has 2 large dogs.  But my cats are old and as awful as it is, I sometimes think about the cute fuzzy baby replacements I will get when they eventually shuffle off the mortal coil.

One day I shall have two cute baby fuzzy kitties and I shall name them thusly:

kitten number one shall be named Mewcifur – destroyer of worlds

kitten number 2 shall be named Cthmewlu – destroyer of sanity

Given my lifelong relationship with cats, I find these names wholly appropriate.

In other vaguely related news, well, vaguely related in that he too has a lifelong relationship with cats, next Thursday I get to meet Neil Gaiman.  I am ridiculously geeked.  If Amanda Palmer happens to be there as well I may pee.  And then I’ll ask her to sign the CD I am taking with me just in case while apologizing for smelling like pee.




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3 responses to “Just thinking about kitties

  1. I predict Kitty 1 will destroy your stuff while Kitty 2 will be in CONSTANT demand of your attention and time. I make the mistake of naming a cat Puck, as in Shakespeare’s Puck (not a hockey puck like some people ask). He gets into everything and knockings things off counters, tables, band book shelves. And He knows he is not supposed too. He only does it when I am watching. Heknows he isn’t supposed to do this but he does to get me to do something. Food, Water, Litterbox. He just jumps on me for attention. Or on whatever I’m doing. The name is perfect. But is he that wasy because of the name or did I just name him appropriately?

    • I’m going to guess the name fits the cat. Your Puck sounds much like my Peanutty Buddy. That cat is the bane of my existence some days. He also works in concert with the dogs in order to get his way. He’s like a little fuzzy mafia don, only my stuff takes the hits.

  2. Dexceus

    Do they know that you have already killed them off and replaced them in your mind? If not, I will have to make sure I tell them the next time I am over.

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