I’m still alive and arguably still sane

I haven’t posted much lately because Andy and I decided to throw ourselves a pirate steampunk wedding on ship in the middle of Ohio during a gaming convention and tbay we’d do all this in one month. Three weeks later we have less than a week to go, no catering menu, no speakers for our DJ, no rings, a half finished dress, a half repaired kilt, no vows written, and well the short story is, we have a venue and a vague plan. So yeah, hopefully this thing will come together because we have about a hundred people showing up.



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2 responses to “I’m still alive and arguably still sane

  1. Congratulations! 😀 That is truly awesome. Best of luck with your preparations and remember not to make yourself too crazy. There is a beauty about simplicity. 🙂 What color is your dress going to be?

    • It was sort of off white with a steampunk corset and a hooded cloak. I will post pictures soon. I’m catching up on all the work I got behind on at the moment.

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