Sap does not just come from trees

This morning as Andy and I were lying snuggled in bed, I started to ask him a question.   I was going to ask, if you could chose between having love and having wealth, which would you choose?  Before I could even ask it though, it occurred to me that he had already made that choice.  He had made it time and again: when he bought our house to have room for my daughter and me; when he let me get that second dog we couldn’t afford; when he allowed me to quit work and go to law school; when he co-signed for my student loans; when he helped me buy my daughter’s first car; when he embraced me mentoring a foster kid and allowed me to spend our money making her world brighter; when he allowed my daughter to go to an expensive private university; when he supported me starting two businesses; the list goes on and on.  He has, at every possible opportunity, chosen love over money.  With that realization, I wept.

And then I grabbed my camera to capture the moment.  The moment I realized just how much my goofy, sweet, wonderful boyfriend loves me, and was moved by how much I love him back.

And then I thought of last night’s conversation when I told some friends about the poem Neil Gaiman wrote for Amanda Palmer and surprised her with during her show, For Amanda: an Appreciation after Christopher Fry, sort of , and I decided right then and there to simultaneously recite and compose the following:

Why I Love You, a Sort of Poem That I Am Making Up as I Go Along  (as remembered from this morning)

First, I love you because you laugh at my jokes in spite of yourself,
Second, … (um, I’m skipping this one.)
Third, I love your kisses and snuggles,
Forth, when you tell me I’m pretty, I almost believe you,
Fifth, you make me feel safe,
Sixth, you make me smile,
Seventh, I notice your eyes all the time, and I’m not someone who notices eyes,
Eighth, I love that you don’t find it gross that I like to pick your pimples and scabs,
Ninth, I love that you don’t mind that I’m weird and do weird things … like this, right now,
Tenth, I love that we have been together almost 7 years and it feels like 7 days and 7 decades all at once,
Eleventh, I love that I put our lives in my blog an you don’t mind,
Twelfth, you believe in me,
Thirteenth, I love that I can make jokes at your expense and you know that I’m only playing,
Fourteenth, I love the feel of your skin,
Fifteenth, I love that you cry at movies, because I can’t,
Sixteenth? … I think? … I love that I love so many things about you that I’ve lost count.  …

So I guess I’ll go make you breakfast now.  I got fresh bacon at the farmer’s market.  🙂


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One response to “Sap does not just come from trees

  1. jeremiah

    awww…just awesome 🙂

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