Quick update …

I just wanted to let everyone know, I have not abandoned my blog.  I am currently working full time and studying to retake the bar exam in 5 weeks.  The bar exam is only offered twice a year and it takes 3 months to get results back in my state.  I took it last July and failed (barely, I was only a few points off) but I got discouraged and didn’t take it again at the next opportunity.  Now here it is a year later, I’m working this time and haven’t had a law school class in over a year.  But I refuse to fail it a second time.  So, basically my entire life is on hold until August.

I’ve thought about throwing something on here just to keep it active but in all honesty, I just don’t have anything fun or interesting to say at the moment.  Even my sleep is dull.  I dream about writing essays and filling out legal forms literally every night.

I really appreciate the small but awesome group of followers I’ve amassed and hope that you’ll stick this out with me.  I have Gen Con coming up, Ren Faire, rejoining society, I’m sure I’ll have SOMETHING interesting to talk about come August.  Until then, bust out a board game and make some crappy dice rolls for me.



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One response to “Quick update …

  1. Cassie McNally

    *hugs* more fun will come when it is all over and then we can throw you and big party!

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